1. A Black Market Christmas
    Black Market & Friends ft. Dub Robot

    Black Market Dub & Wise Owl

    Black Market Dub & Wise Owl

  4. Radio/Head/Dub
    Black Market Dub & Wise Owl

  5. Blue Velvet
    Black Market & Wise Owl, Featuring Dub Robot

  6. ABBA - Red, Green, & GOLD
    Black Market & Wise Owl

  7. The War of the Worlds
    Black Market & Wise Owl

  8. Halloween Vol. 1
    Black Market * Chudan

  9. Blondie
    Black Market & Wise Owl

  10. The Five Fingers of Dub
    Black Market & Wise Owl

  11. ! Steal Your Dub !
    Black Market & Wise Owl, Feat. Sam Small

  12. Elton John
    Black Market + Wise Owl & Sam Small


  14. Phantasm
    Black Market // Chudan

  15. Thin White Dub
    Black Market ft. Wise Owl & Dub Robot

  16. The Next Generation of Dub
    Black Market & Wise Owl

  17. Black Market Meets... The Progressors: Who Can't Hear Will Feel
    Black Market & The Progressors

  18. The Temptations

  19. The Outer Limits

  20. Volume #1
    Tanx Arcade

  21. Black Market & The Beach Boys
    Black Market ft. Dub Robot

  22. Ghostbusters

  23. Remain In Dub

  24. Batman '66
    Black Market & Dub Robot

  25. The Upside Down 2
    Black Market & Chudan

  26. Complete Clash

  27. United Federation of Dub

  28. The Twilight Zone II
    Black Market & Mired

  29. Michael Jackson - Thriller

  30. Welcome to Twin Peaks

  31. I Want To Believe In Dub
    Black Market & Mired

  32. The Upside Down
    Black Market & Chudan

  33. David Bowie - The Next Dub

  34. The Beach Boys - Summer Dub

  35. The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Dub

  36. The Beach Boys - Endless Dub

  37. Black Market Meets Mired & Wise Owl in... THE TWILIGHT ZONE
    Black Market with Mired & Wise Owl

  38. Dojo/Black Market
    Black Market & Chudan

  39. Bowie in Dub


Black Market Dub Los Angeles, California

What would happen if The Beach Boys had The Wailers as their backing band instead of The Wrecking Crew? What if David Bowie spent the summer of 1975 in Kingston, Jamaica with King Tubby instead of Philidelphia? Michael Jackson meets Scratch Perry? These questions are the basic thesis of Black Market. Listen loud, dance, enjoy, and share. I make these albums for free but accept donations. ... more

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